Winter Tips and Tricks to Get You Through the Quarter!

Looking for some winter quarter inspiration? The Alaskan Wood Frog survives the harsh Arctic winters by literally freezing solid. It’s true-- it’s heart stops beating, its cells stop communicating, and it spends up to seven months each winter sitting around as an immobile little frog-sicle before defrosting, hopping away, and going on with its life.

Same, Buddy.

Same, Buddy.

The Northwestern Wildcat, on the other hand, is a much larger and busier warm-blooded mammal with no body-freezing capabilities. Its winters are filled with classes, internship applications, and frequent exposure to the harsh outdoor elements. As tempting as it might be to simply freeze in place and wait for warmer days, it remains a biological impossibility. Fortunately, with these handy winter tips and tricks, you and the fellow Wildcats in your life can conquer this year’s Evanston winter with confidence!

1) Treat yourself to some indoor culture

Winter Quarter is an amazing time to take in Northwestern’s indoor cultural offerings. Mee-Ow’s annual winter shows bring improv, sketch comedy, and rock ‘n’ roll to Shanley Pavilion and McCormick Auditorium. The Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts’ 2018 DanceWorks show, “@ High Speed,” brings the best in contemporary dance at Northwestern to the Louis Theater from March 2 – 11. In the mood for visual art? (In)visible Men, a portrait series by Ricardo Lewis that challenges viewers to see themselves in images of African-American men, can be seen in Dittmar Memorial Gallery through March 22. You’ll appreciate the artfulness and the warmth.

2)  Conserve your body heat at one of campus’s cozy spots

Got classes or extracurriculars that’ll keep you on campus from sunrise until sunset? That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a nice cozy place to sit and sip a hot beverage while you study! The big cushions by the fireplace on the first floor of Norris are an ideal spot to get warm during a cold day while you watch the snow fall through the windows. The newly reopened Fran’s Café in Willard Hall provides hot, delicious food from 8 a.m. to 3 a.m. every day of the week, and has a ton of super soft new chairs and well-equipped study spaces to help you get fed and warm while you get stuff done. Keep an eye out when you’re walking around campus — you never know when you might find your new favorite cozy spot!

3) Buy some summer clothes to prepare for the warmer days ahead

Believe it or not, you’ll soon open your weather app to see a sunny sky and a nice, warm temperature waiting for you outside. Why not start building your wardrobe now? You can begin snooping around for a great deal on a classic summer wardrobe item like a purple tank top, a purple pair of shorts, or some sweet purple flip-flops. You might not be able to wear it for a while, but it’ll give you something to look forward to for when the days start to get sunnier! (And trust me, it’ll happen; just keep the faith.)

Your new summer wardrobe?

Your new summer wardrobe?

4) Have a snowball fight with a few of your closest friends

There’s a lot of fresh powder on the ground, and it’d be a shame to let it go to waste. If you’ve got a free afternoon, try arranging a good old-fashioned snowball fight on the Lakefill. It’s a great way to get some exercise, bond with your friends, and enjoy the beautiful blanket of snow on campus. Send out a when2meet or a Doodle to pick a time, put on some clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit soggy, and then let the best snowballer win. (Be careful not to hit any random pedestrians, though!)

5) Show off to your friends in warmer states that you’re conquering winter like a champ

If you’ve got any friends who go to school in Texas, Florida, California, or any other warm-weather state where they’re unable to experience the thrill of a real winter, now’s the time to let them know what they’re missing! Send them a funny Snapchat of something unique to a cold winter day: your hair freezing when you walk to class or your hair freezing when you walk out of the gym or your hair freezing when you wait for the Purple Line. Because as tough as a Northwestern winter might be, it’ll leave you feeling like you can take on any challenge the world might throw at you.