WATCH Holds Successful Recruitment and Training

WATCH (Wildcats Advancing Total Campus Health) is a group of peer health educators that undergo Red Watch Band Bystander Intervention Training, meant to foster healthy campus behavior and reduce the harms associated with alcohol and drug use.

New Recruits for WATCH

WATCH held a very successful recruitment cycle in Winter quarter, doubling the group’s size from 9 to 18 members. New and old members also completed CPE (Certified Peer Educator) training and Red Watch Band facilitator training this quarter.

As new members finish becoming fully qualified to facilitate Red Watch Band Bystander Intervention Training, WATCH looks forward to conducting even more of these lifesaving trainings. Be it through continued partnerships with fraternities, sororities, Peer Advisers, P.U.R.P.L.E. Peer Mentors, or any other students eager to learn how they can best support a person in need of assistance due to high-risk drinking. The organization will also be expanding into other pertinent areas of health and wellness in an effort to further support Health Promotion and Wellness along with the Division wide strategic theme of “Fostering Student Wellness.”