Embrace Chaos at Dittmar Gallery Exhibition

Celebration is a vital part of human life as we often search for reasons to throw a party or blow off steam. From birthdays to graduations (or just the end of finals), we love to have celebrations with friends and family. But what happens when we examine what lies behind the curtain? Is your celebration meaningful or empty? Erin Elizabeth explores these questions in her gallery, Embracing the Chaos.


Elizabeth incorporates actual candy and confetti into her pieces to convey the temporary state of celebration, examining why humans assign meaning to arbitrary celebrations and what that mindset says about us.

The exhibition makes use of foodstuffs and texture, as many works are composed of sprinkles, glitter and other objects reminiscent of celebration. Some pieces use cake to underline the differences in experiential value that people place on ceremony.

The eclectic pieces compel people to them as everyone can relate to them in a way that reflects their own personal traditions and values. What is important to one person is meaningless to another, and Elizabeth’s exhibit artfully exposes those differences.

Embracing the Chaos runs from January 6 - February 12. A reception will be held January 6, 4:00–6:00 p.m. For more details, visit the Dittmar Gallery website.