2016 Winter Internship & Job Fair Prep

Whether you’re graduating soon and looking for a full-time position or a sophomore or junior looking to gain some experience over the summer, you’ll find a variety of career opportunities at the annual Winter Internship & Job Fair this January, hosted by Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA).

Employers from Shedd Aquarium, Macy’s, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Colgate-Palmolive, and Deloitte, along with approximately 100 other companies in a wide range of industries, are expected to be in attendance over the two days, spanning marketing and education to non-profits and consulting. Each day will feature a different set of employers and a new opportunity for both undergraduate students and graduate students to make connections and take those first steps forward into the professional world.

The fair will be on the second floor of Norris Center on Tuesday, January 12 and Wednesday, January 13 from 12–4 p.m. All students planning to attend should arrive in professional attire and have copies of their resume and Wildcard on hand. The NCA Professional Photo Booth will be back for both days, but be sure to arrive at noon to reserve a spot, as sign-ups happen the day of the fair and spots are first-come, first-served. The full list of employers can be found in CareerCat (under the Events > Career Fairs tab) and complete fair details are on the NCA website. On the day of the fair, floor plans will be provided for students to strategize and network effectively.

When winter quarter begins in January, students are encouraged to stop by the NCA office at 620 Lincoln St. for all day drop-in advising during the days leading up to the fair for prep and resume reviews. Al day drop-in advising takes place January 4-11 (weekdays) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with the exception of January 7.

Looking for opportunities beyond the fair? NCA also has a list of resources on its website and encourages students to update their career interests and set up a job search agent in CareerCat to find more opportunities year round. The NCA staff is always available to assist students in their job and internship search strategy and help them explore the industries that interest them most.

Use Break to Your Advantage!

Want to get a jump on the fair but not sure how? Here are some tips you can use while you are away to prepare yourself for the fair once you get back to campus.

  1. Read up on the companies who will attend.

  2. Come up with a conversation list to utilize during the fair.

    • These are industry-specific questions about the company that can demonstrate your interest. This will help make your first impression memorable.

    • Practice your professional introduction (a.k.a. the elevator pitch). This is a 30-second summary that includes your full name, year in school and major, relevant skills, strengths, and experience. Simple as it seems, this is your first and biggest opportunity to sell yourself to a recruiter. Keep it concise, personal, and informational.

  3. Utilize NCA even while you’re away.

    • There will be an NCA staff member available during winter break to assist students. So if you want to practice your professional introduction or have questions about building a career plan during winter break, a member of the NCA team is standing by to help.

    • Take advantage of the resources section on the NCA website. There is tons of information for students and alumni on best practices for career fairs and resume building.

  4. Prep your attire.

    • Dressing well is an easy way to boost your confidence, and winter break is the perfect time to take advantage of store sales and fill your closet with business staples. Look for fitted sports jackets and blazers with matching slacks or knee-length skirts. Then pair those with a nice polished dress shoe.