Pinoy Show 2018: A Night of Politics, Culture, and Game of Thrones

The Pinoy Show, hosted by the Philippine Student Association Kaibigan, returns on May 19 with a theme that’s both popular and intentional. “GoT – A Song of Kai and Fire” will feature dances, skits, and a general Game of Thrones-like storyline that reflects the history of revolutionary Filipina women, as well as the current situation in the Philippines.

The Pinoy showcase allows students in Kaibigan to express their culture and spread awareness in an engaging and compelling way. Joy Sales, head of the Entertainment Committee, and Andrea Albanez, the lead actor, provide more information about the cultural significance and uniqueness of this year’s show.

Q: What is your role in the show?

Andrea: I am playing the lead in this year’s Pinoy Show. The character is Gabriela Silang, an actual historical Filipina revolutionary who led one of the first revolts against the Spanish for Philippines independence. I will be in all of the skits for the show, [since it] revolves around Gabriela Silang and her husband Diego Silang (played by Giovanni Gamalong) ... I will also be a part of the Muslim suite dance called Pangsak.

Joy: I am the head of the Entertainment Committee. We were in charge of writing the skits, video, and trailer of the show.

Q: What is there unique about this year's showcase?

Joy: This year's show is unique because it highlights the history of revolutionary women in the Philippines, specifically Gabriela Silang, the first Filipina leader to lead a revolt against Spanish colonization. Not only does this show center women, it also highlights how Filipinos consistently resisted their oppressors despite hundreds of years of colonization.

Kaibigan's "Song of Kai and Fire" showcase will be at Ryan Auditorium on May 19

Kaibigan's "Song of Kai and Fire" showcase will be at Ryan Auditorium on May 19

Part of the show is drawing attention to the reality of killings and state violence in the Philippines. So, even though this is a cultural night, I believe our Pinoy Show recognizes that culture is always connected to politics and history.

Q: How was the theme of Game of Thrones selected?

Joy: Game of Thrones was a perfect theme because it's about power struggles between warring factions. This fit the actual history of Gabriela Silang because she and her husband were fighting for freedom in their region, while Spain and Great Britain were both seeking control of the Philippines in the 1760s.  

Related to the previous answer, we selected this theme because it was grounded in a true story about Filipina women's resistance and resilience, which is still ongoing and relevant today.

Q: What should people look forward to? What's your favorite part of the show?

Andrea: I think people will look forward to the development of the show’s plot, mainly the connections the plot has to feminism today ... We connect the historical context of Gabriela’s story to present-day problems in the Philippines and why her legacy is so important.

My favorite part of the show is the small videos we have created and dispersed throughout the show …  The videos we created (I don’t want to spoil anything, but they are parodies of movies, TV shows, and online videos) are hilarious and have Kaibigan’s fun side that we always incorporate into Pinoy Show.

Though our show this year is more serious, Pinoy Show has always been an event to welcome everyone old and new, have a good laugh, and come together as a community to embrace and enjoy Filipino culture.

The showcase is Saturday, May 19 from 7:30-9 p.m. in Ryan Auditorium. Tickets are $5 at the door, and Filipino food will be served afterward.