Meet Dehydrated Davis!

Hey whassup, my name is Dehydrated Davis! I like Northwestern a lot: for the academics, the sports, and the friends -- but especially for the lit parties. If you don’t know me, you probably haven’t been to many parties, because I’m at all of them and I liven things up at every single one. Show me the heaviest drinker you know, and I’ll show you someone who can outlast them by at least five shots: me (duh).

I could drink liquor like it was water, but I would never actually drink water. That’s what my friend Smart Dillo said was my worst mistake when I drank. They were right; I really felt it firsthand last Dillo, when I didn’t pace my drinks with water.

Don't be like Davis. Stay hydrated on Dillo

Don't be like Davis. Stay hydrated on Dillo

I had been drinking all day and hadn’t touched a drop of anything non-alcoholic. The sun was beating down on me: I was drunk, sweaty, and so lightheaded -- I didn’t feel too great. I don’t need to relive the gory details; but I was so sick, I had to sit out the rest of the awesome day in the shade, drinking water. Water and rest did make me feel a lot better, but I definitely wouldn’t have missed out on so much of the wild party if I had been staying hydrated while I was drinking.

Even though I’m something of a shots enthusiast, all levels of drinkers can suffer the consequences of dehydration. You really don’t want to be constantly battling headaches, dizziness, and nausea when you’re trying to have fun. Not to mention, when the queasiness gets real, your stomach will wanna throw everything up, and it really sucks. I now know better than to have hard alc as my only beverage; water’s just as important!

You can have just as much fun as me on Dillo Day, but without the painful, vom-stained consequences. Stay hydrated by making sure you’re constantly drinking water, no matter what else you’re drinking.