Meet Fallin' Foster!

Hi, I’m Fallin’ Foster! Maybe you’ve seen me around campus sometime over the last two years. Usually, life at Northwestern is pretty good.  I really like my major, and my friends are the best- whether we’re hanging out on the lakefill or at The Knot, I always have fun when I’m with them. But sometimes, while scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing all of my high school friends posting wild pics from parties at their own schools, I start to worry, Do my old friends think I’m just a boring nerd who spends all their time studying in Main?

That’s why I love Dillo Day! Not only does watching up-and-coming artists perform make me feel cool and indie, but it also gives me a chance to post lots of pictures proving just how awesome life is at Northwestern. “Yeah, it’s basically like a mini Lollapalooza,” I can brag to my high school friends when I see them over the summer. Although it does kind of ruin any cool vibes I've developed when Grandma Ruth comments on Every. Single. Photo. 

 Photo taken moments before disaster

Photo taken moments before disaster

I used to love taking pictures on the roof of my house. Up there, I could get really awesome views of the sunset, and if I angled the camera just right, you could even see part of Lake Michigan in the shot. Not to mention that being so high off the ground always gives me an adrenaline rush!

But even an experienced roof-climber like me can easily lose their balance. Last Dillo, I went to a really lit party and ended up drinking a lot. I was wearing a super cute outfit, so of course I needed to get some good selfies to share with my followers. But the lighting inside the party was terrible! I had to find a different location, and the roof felt like the obvious choice. Boy, was that a mistake. I should’ve known not to climb up there when I could barely even walk a straight line. As I was trying to find the right pose, I tripped and fell straight over the edge. I don’t want to get into details, but let’s just say it hurt. A lot.

Luckily, my friend Smart Dillo was there when I fell. They called for help, and I got the medical attention I needed. I had really injured myself, and it totally sucked. My Snapchat streaks weren’t the only things that were broken. Do you know how hard it is to walk around in crutches? Worst of all, my broken leg meant that I had to miss out on my family’s annual canoe trip. Instead I spent most of my time just sitting on my couch binge-watching Netflix as my leg healed. Definitely not the fun summer adventure I had imagined.

Learn from my mistakes, and stay on the ground this Dillo Day. No selfie is worth a trip to the hospital.