Student Spotlight: Wildcat Impact Recognizes Students for Winter 2017

Join us in celebrating these campus leaders' role in improving student life. 

Wildcat Impact Award winners were nominated for exemplifying Student Affairs' values in their work for the quarter of Winter 2017. The Office of Student Engagement recognizes both undergraduate and graduate winners each quarter through this award, formerly known as the Campus Life Awards.

Spring 2017 nominations, as well as nominations for the annual Wildcat Excellence Awards, are open until May 7.

The Wildcat Excellence awards commend excellence in leadership, community, and service. Student awards recognize distinguished, contributing, and emerging leaders.

Winter 2017 Wildcat Impact Award


Megan Ballew, Class of 2019 (Stewardship)

Megan serves as the financial officer for Studio 22 Productions, a student-led film organization. An unsung hero, her commitment to the business side of the group has allowed everyone else involved to achieve their potential with
maximum resources and minimal stress regarding the group’s finances. The group’s projects demand tremendous organizational skills in managing reimbursements, overseeing group debit cards, paying invoices, and other business needs. Megan’s selflessness in this role demonstrates the sacrifice necessary to make a production team successful and to be a leader in the film industry.

Jourdan Dorrell, Class of 2017 (Social Justice)

Channeling her passion for social justice into education and service, Jourdan is being recognized for the breadth and depth of her involvement. Jourdan worked to listen to marginalized students’ concerns and connect them with resources as the Vice President of Accessibility and Inclusion in Associated Student Government (ASG). Jourdan oversaw the entirety of Eva Jefferson Day, an event bringing elementary schoolers to campus to reflect on MLK’s life and legacy, in her role as Student Chair of Northwestern’s MLK Commemorative Committee. As a Center for Civic Engagement Fellow, Jourdan contributed to NU Votes, which helped register over 2,000 students to vote. Jourdan is also a Freshmen Urban Program counselor and Vice President of Logistics for Relay for Life for Evanston.

Danielle Harris, Class of 2017 (Social Justice)

Danielle has served as a creative, dependable, and critical leader within the Northwestern community. In fall 2016, she worked diligently with administrators and students in efforts to raise the Black Lives Matter flag above Norris. Danielle has dedicated considerable time toward reaffirming the presence and value of marginalized students on campus. Holding multiple student leadership positions, Danielle has advocated for policy changes within academic departments and university offices, challenged definitions of inclusivity, and worked to make resources available to marginalized students. Danielle has been an instrument for social justice, and her impact will be felt long after she leaves Northwestern.

Stacey Huynh, Class of 2017 (Integrity)

Stacey is being celebrated for her contributions as Chapter President of the Alpha Beta chapter of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. Focused on removing barriers to engagement, she cut organizational spending and connected members with campus resources and grants to alleviate membership costs. Stacey worked to raise awareness for their national philanthropy, Combat Violence Against Women, and helped create the Athena Scholarship for Northwestern women in leadership. Throughout her term, Stacey prioritized building bridges with other Multicultural Greek Council chapters. Stacey also worked to re-establish the Vietnamese Student Association her freshman year and has served on the JubilAsian celebration planning committee.

Annabel Liou, Class of 2017 & Rosalie Gambrah, Class of 2018 (Innovation)

Annabel and Rosalie have both held the vice president role of the Student Activities Resources Committee since summer 2016. A relatively new committee within Associated Student Government (ASG), they have successfully recruited committee members to serve as peer resources for 180 groups without ASG funding to ensure access to other resources, knowledge about policies, and opportunities to grow. They are dedicated to opening access for all new students to pursue their extracurricular passions, empowering student voices, and encouraging other leaders to think critically about resource allocation and equity.

Ali Qureshi, Class of 2019 (Collaboration)

Ali is being recognized for his work as Northwestern Cricket Club’s founder and team captain. Ali has created space for connection beyond players’ shared love of cricket, interweaving opportunities for the group to explore their identities, discuss current events, and connect across difference. Through collaborative efforts, Ali has worked to build a team structure that will ensure sustainability and success, from outreach to corporate sponsorships. Ali developed a rotational coaching policy, split players into committees so members could contribute to the the group’s administration, finances, and marketing, and made everyone a vital part of the team.