Tips and Tricks for Move-out 2017

Time is ticking down, and summer is quickly approaching, even though it might not feel like it thanks to all of our tests, papers, and projects. If you’re living on campus this year, it’s time to start thinking about moving out, which will officially take place June 5-10. You must be gone 24 hours after your last final. First of all, make sure you’ve completed the Spring Check-out Form by June 2 at 5:00 p.m. to avoid any fees. Then, if you’re worried or confused about the rest of the process, look no further than Res Services’ Move-Out Guide!

To supplement the steps outlined in the guide, take a look at these tips and tricks from experienced students about how to make sure your move-out process goes smoothly:

“Make sure to hit up the ‘Take It or Leave It’ in different dorms across campus, because different dorms will have different things. My favorite thing I ever found was a varsity fencing Under Armour jacket from Slivka when I lived in Allison. I’ve also found a brand-new winter vest while searching for things,” Haley ‘17
“Label your storage boxes so you know what’s what,” Edson ‘19
“Know when your roommate is moving out. It can get really chaotic if you both are trying to get boxes and furniture out of your room on the same day, so definitely try to avoid that if possible,” Nina ‘18
“You can borrow a platform dolly from the front desk, and you can check out vacuum cleaners (because we all know you haven’t vacuumed all year). The Free & For Sale Facebook group is also very helpful if you have stuff you want to get rid of. Put your leftover food in the floor fridge so other people can have them,” Virginia ‘17
“Enlist a friend or family member to help you,” Aine ‘19
“Start earlier than you think you’ll need to. For instance, start packing up random stuff you know you’re not going to need one to two weeks before moving out. And, if you’re renting a storage unit, Zipcar is a big help when transporting your stuff,” Sara ‘19

If you’re trying to be “green” (which you all should be!), check out sustainNU’s article on how to start your summer sustainably.

Ask your RAs or your RD if you have any questions. Good luck with move-out and enjoy your summer!