Find Safety Resources with NUhelp

Blue lights, neighborhood desks, police… these are all common safety features at universities around the country, but do you really know how to find or use your Northwestern safety features?

Lucky for you, the NUhelp app houses a feature specifically for connecting with University resources and staying safe around Northwestern. The Safety feature is the middle option in the second row on the app. Once you click on the option, it brings you to a page with all of Northwestern’s safety resources listed together. This doesn’t just include blue lights and the police, but also resources to help maintain safety such as Safe Ride and NU shuttles. Additionally, it provides links to descriptions of services such as Hazing Prevention and Sexual Misconduct.

Once you click on whatever resource you want, NUhelp brings you to a page with the resource’s description and contact information, including phone number, email, website, and address. If you’re unsure about what resource best fits your current needs, it’s easy to check out each description and identify what works for you. If you want to share this resource with a friend, you can click the “<” in the top right corner for additional social media options.

The Safety feature helps collect all the resources you need in one location. The next time you don’t know where to turn for any questions about how to stay safe on campus, start with the Safety feature in the NUhelp app.