Find and Use Resources Through NUhelp

Have you ever been unsure of where to find a resource on campus? Has there ever been a time when you didn’t know where to look for help? Northwestern offers a variety of resources meant to cater to every need, but many students either don’t know they exist or can’t seem to find the right contact information. Luckily, the NUhelp app consolidates some of Northwestern's resource information with the Resources feature.

The Resources tab is one of the most expansive of the six features that the NUhelp app offers. Located in the bottom left corner when you first click on the app, it lists major resources for students at Northwestern. These are resources generally focused on wellness, and when you click, each section contains a short description of the resource, the phone number, website, hours, email, and address. This consolidates all general information to one place and makes it easy for students to find what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for a friend, you can share this information by clicking the “<” in the top right corner. This lets you share the resources you’ve found across various social media platforms.


Some of the resources under this feature include AccessibleNU, the Chaplain’s Office, Northwestern Recreation, and Health Service for both Evanston and Chicago campuses. Not limited to physical health needs, the resources feature also includes information about Suicide Prevention, Gatekeeper Training, and Counseling and Psychological Services. The NUhelp app makes it easy for students to get directed to whatever resource best suits their needs. Students deserve the best care and access, so, the Resources feature is perfect to help students find what they’re looking for.

The next time you’re not sure of where to look, give the NUhelp app a try.