Norris Starbucks Awarded Team of the Quarter

If you’ve visited the Norris Starbucks recently, you’ve now officially been to the Starbucks with the best team in the Chicagoland area. The team received the Store Team of the Quarter Award for the October-December quarter from their national corporate offices.

When they found out about the award, the whole team was “jumping up and down with excitement,” Manager in Training Gina Tuch said with a laugh. “It gave our team a nice boost of confidence.”

“It shows that our hard work is paying off,” Retail Manager Craig Rapacz added.

And indeed it has paid off. After implementing new training practices, keeping a close eye on stocking techniques, and ensuring that it’s always properly staffed, Norris Starbucks’ sales have increased 25% percent from last year.

The award is based not only on this increase in sales but on the overall quality of experience that the team provides for customers. Corporate analyzes the team’s efficiency of customer service and cleanliness, as well as looking at their adherence to Starbucks’ national brewing standards and practices.

Tuch said the store faces some unique challenges because it’s located in a university student center rather than a stand alone building. “We have very different traffic patterns,” Tuch explained. “But we usually know when Norris will be having events and we can be prepared for more people.”

Tuch noted that the team’s goal is to maintain their success by fostering “loyalty amongst our customers and keep them coming back.”

Rapacz said, “We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing and keep our customer service above and beyond.”

Next time you stop at Norris Starbucks, be sure to congratulate everyone, and know that your coffee is made by an award-winning staff.