Destress and Decompress with CAPS Spring Stress Clinics

It can be difficult to remember to take care of ourselves during stressful times, especially when surrounded by hectic schedules filled with tests, projects, papers, meetings, and more. Often, we feel like we don’t have the time to work through emotional upheavals and shove our stress to the side. In fact, sometimes we can’t even tell when we’re stressed.

CAPS at Northwestern offers resources to help manage stress beyond clinical appointments and consulting. Sign-ups are now available for Stress Management Clinics during spring quarter. These Stress Management Clinics deal with a variety of issues and coping techniques surrounding stress and are available to all Northwestern community members free of charge.

Success Strategies is a four part workshop that focuses primarily on how to manage stress. It covers topics such as identifying physical and emotional symptoms to understand when you are under stress, and how to manage stress in your life more effectively. Designed to deal with stress stemming from academic or personal issues, this workshop aims to act as a resource for students dealing with anxiety, trouble focusing and more. Visit the Success Strategies workshop page to sign up.

To balance mind and body, CAPS offers drop-in meditation hours in Searle Hall. No registration is necessary for this, and students are welcome to come as often or as little as they like. Meditation is a great way to manage the stressors of everyday life, and through this workshop, you’ll have the chance to learn and practice this technique for managing stress.

Mindfulness is popular technique that focuses on using present-moment awareness to monitor your body. The Introduction to Mindfulness workshops teach students how to improve concentration and decrease negative reactivity to distressing situations in a four-part workshop. Available on both Evanston and Chicago campuses, sign up by visiting the Introduction to Mindfulness page and view available groups and times.

For those struggling with attention or focus, CAPS’ Enhancing Attention through Mindfulness may help. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to try several evidence-based mindfulness techniques that help strengthen short-term memory, attention, and concentration. Locations, dates, and times are all available for sign-ups on the CAPS workshop page.

Relaxing is the opposite of stress, and our bodies need time to recover not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Relaxation and Biofeedback is a four-part experiential workshop that practices a variety of relaxation techniques such as visualization, muscle relaxation, and autogenic breathing. Having a relaxed body and state of mind can help you feel better and study more effectively.

If none of these workshops sound like the right fit for you, visit CAPS during their Drop-In Stress Management Resource Center hours. Meant to improve your well being, these times are tailored to your needs with various accommodations such as egg chairs and biofeedback training.

Spring quarter can be a trying time for everyone, and stress is often  ignored as we focus on the “big picture” or try to move past our emotional struggles. We encourage you to take time for yourself and focus on your personal needs. CAPS is a resource for you and whatever your needs are.

Workshops begin in late April or early May. Check each individual page for times and sign up deadlines!