Eight Ways to Make the Most of the Lakefill This Spring

Spring quarter is in full swing. That means warmth and sunnier days are here. Take advantage of the season by spending time on the Lakefill.

Here are a few ways to make the most of the Lakefill (you probably didn’t know you could do a few of these!):

  • Rent a frisbee from Norris Outdoors and toss it around. (It’s just $1 to rent!)
  • Trying to relax? Bring a hammock and take an afternoon to lay out.
  • Football season is over, but that’s no reason to not rent a ball and play with a friend.
  • If you’re feeling more athletic, grab your headphones and go for a run down the Lakefill.
  • Grab a grill and put together a picnic of your own. (Norris Outdoors has all the supplies – picnic basket and all.)
  • Not trying to cook for yourself? Grab a Cat Shack burger and sit out on the rocks.
  • Get some chips and guac at Frontera and grab a table on the East Lawn with friends.