Know Where to go. Download the NUhelp App.

When something goes wrong, figuring out who to call can be a little confusing. In an extreme emergency, 9-1-1 is the obvious call. But when calling 9-1-1 isn’t the answer what’s a student to do?

The Report feature on the new NUhelp app has simplified the process to make it easier for and students to report concerns or issues regarding Northwestern Students. No matter if you are reporting inappropriate behavior or sharing concerns about the well being of a fellow Wildcat, the app walks you through every step of the process. This feature is active 24/7 and acts as your direct line to the Dean of Student’s Office on campus. The Report feature also provides instructions for how to report sexual misconduct or assault and incidents of hate or bias also on the app.

The NUhelp App is a mobile resource available for students that brings all the convenience of campus safety information from your desktop to your phone. The app is user-friendly and features pertinent information about health, wellness and transportation and is designed for ease of use in times of emergency.

Never feel helpless. Report your concerns and and keep your fellow Wildcats safe.

To access the Report portal, download the NUhelp App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.