Get the Lowdown on Evanston Stores and Discounts. Download the NUhelp App.

This year there is a new and easy way to have campus resources right at your fingertips. The interactive Northwestern Map on the new NUhelp app is your go-to information source for things on and around campus. The Map has details on all vendors that provide a Wildcard Advantage discount to all Wildcard holders, directions to hundreds of locations in Evanston, and location listings for bike repair stations around campus. This is your one-stop shop for parking lot information and safety resources like Bluelight installations and nearby 24/7 Neighborhood Desks.

The NUhelp App is a mobile resource available for students that brings all the convenience of campus safety information from your desktop to your phone. The app is user-friendly and features pertinent information about health, wellness and transportation and is designed for ease of use in times of emergency.

Let the Map help you make the most of your Evanston experience.

To access the Northwestern Map, download the NUhelp App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.