Starting this Spring, Norris gets Greener

Earth Day is just around the corner, and the Norris Center is on a mission to change up the way we go green. This spring, Norris is working towards Green Office Certification from Northwestern’s Office of Sustainability to make this campus more environmentally friendly.

Just a few everyday changes can really affect the mark we leave on this world. Help Norris amp up it sustainability and minimize environmental impact by trying out these small lifestyle adjustments:

  1. Skip the to-go cup; bring your own cup/mug for coffee and get discounts at select Norris food vendors
  2. Turn off the lights after a meeting
  3. Recycle! Mixed recycle bins accompany every garbage can in the building and have clear instructions about what can and cannot be recycled
  4. Take the stairs, not the elevator
  5. Reduce food waste- only purchase what you will eat

Northwestern is well on its way to becoming a sustainable campus, and with your help we can shrink our carbon footprint and produce less waste in our (Norris and) Northwestern communities.

This earth is ours, help us do a little more to protect it.