Northwestern Receives Top Ranking for Dining Experience

Savor your dining hall meal a bit extra this week in celebration of College Rank awarding Northwestern Dining 29th nationally for College Dining Experiences. 2016 marks Northwestern Dining’s first appearance on the list, which considers a variety of categories: versatility, nutrition and wellness, sustainability and accessibility. 

Northwestern Dining Fall Farm Trip at Borzinsky's Farm Market.

Northwestern Dining Fall Farm Trip at Borzinsky's Farm Market.

College Rank mentioned the university’s programming surrounding sustainable and local food. Northwestern Dining works to partner with local farmers and suppliers, from Wild Roots garden on campus to Northwestern Dining’s Farm in Wisconsin.

Northwestern University also recently committed to the Real Food Challenge Campus Commitment. In dining accessibility, College Rank mentioned Northwestern’s commitment to serving great food for students with dietary restrictions, from Kosher and Halal meals to vegan and vegetarian options. 

When venturing outside of Northwestern’s six dining halls, students can enjoy Evanston’s (officially!) hipster food options. Spoon University ranked Northwestern in its 15 Most Hipster Colleges, citing unique food and serving options. Spoon places special attention on Evanston’s many vegan options, brunch spots and sweet experiences. Evanston also received attention for its dining scene in the New York Times back in August.