Find Your Way Around Campus with NUhelp's Map Feature

Fall is in the air, and with it comes the chance to welcome students, new and old, back to campus! Northwestern’s beautiful campus always has something exciting to offer. But it can be difficult to find your way to those exciting things if you’re not familiar with the campus. Luckily, the NUhelp app has a map feature that will help you get to where you need to be with no problem.


After downloading the NUhelp app and filling out your profile, you can find the map option on the top left corner of the app’s homepage. Make sure that your phone’s Location Finder setting is active in order for the app to find your location and accurately give directions. Type the name of the building or location that you’re looking for in the search bar, and choose the correct result. You can also move the pin on the map to the desired location. Once you’ve done this, the map will suggest a route from your current location and give the estimated walking time.

Think you know campus inside and out? Well, the map feature doesn’t just give directions; it shows you all the Wildcard Advantage discounts from local Evanston stores that you get for carrying a Wildcard. Being a part of the Northwestern community has its perks.

You can use the map feature to explore discounts offered by local shops around Evanston. Many stores have a Wildcard Advantage discount, but it can be hard to remember to ask. Here’s where you can whip out your phone because you will be informed about all of the nearby Wildcard Advantage discounts found in the NUhelp map feature before you enter the store.

The NUhelp app is helpful for many different kinds of situations. Whether you need directions to get where you need to go or you want to save some money, the map feature is able to help you out.