Mini Courses at Norris: Learn, Enjoy, Repeat!

Life can be such a monotonous ride if you allow practicality to dominate your schedule. What if you were given the chance to try something new? What if you were able to explore a topic you’ve always wanted to learn? What if you took an hour off to just have fun? Would you do it?


Well then, I have great news for you! The Mini Courses program at Norris University Center offers the perfect escape from your daily academic life or work routine.

The program offers a wide variety of non-credit, recreational classes that provide individual attention while operating in a relaxed and informal environment. Most courses take place once a week in the evening for around 6 weeks and are usually held inside the Norris University Center, located on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus.


No matter how unique your interests are, you can find a Mini Course that suits your needs, satisfying your curiosity, strengthening your skills, or discovering a new passion. Some popular courses include Ceramics, Acting and Character Creation, Hip Hop Dance, and Wine Appreciation (for those over 21). The Winter 2017 program offers these choices among many others, including Beginner and Intermediate Guitar, Graphic Design, Baking Fundamentals, Belly Dance and Cherokee. If you prefer a one-time thing, sign up for one of the Mini Workshops instead. Options include Chocolate 101, Truffles, and Sushi 101. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect afternoon?    

You can register online on the Norris Box Office Website, or in person by visiting the Norris Box Office located at the Norris Center Desk. Early registration opens on November 24 until January 7. Save $8 by registering during this time period. Regular registration starts from January 8 to January 19, and late registration will be available until 24 hours before the first class. If you are not registered before the first class meeting, you will miss out on those fun weekday evenings.


If you are interested in any of the courses, but can’t afford to pay the full amount, you can apply for a subsidy by January 8. Subsidies will be awarded on a rolling first-come, first served basis. For more information, visit the Mini Courses web page.

Dare to try something new and sign up for a Winter Mini Course!