Elevate Your Organization with Personalized Student Leadership Workshops

Last year, the office of Leadership and Community Engagement reached out to the leaders of student-run-and-led organizations and asked: What does leadership mean to you? What are some leadership challenges you’ve experienced within your student organization? Now, students can request a workshop on behalf of their student organization and work with the office of Leadership and Community Engagement to customize a workshop that fits the needs of their particular student organization. Participating in these personalized workshops will help improve the leadership of student organizations and expand the role of student leaders.


The purpose of these workshops is to support registered student organizations operate more effectively and have better experiences in leadership roles at Northwestern. By talking about common challenges such as how to manage conflict within your student organization or how to improve group communication, students can learn how to better manage their student organizations and grow as responsible leaders. Many student organizations struggle to find balance between programming, selecting and on-boarding new members, and navigating leadership board transitions, and these customizable workshops are focused on addressing specific problems or concerns that a particular student organization may be facing.


If you don’t need a group workshop, Northwestern Leadership and Community Engagement also offers one-on-one advising sessions for students who want to think about their own leadership development and better understand their own strengths and weaknesses. There is no registration deadline for these workshops. Interested students can register for a training or workshop session by visiting the Northwestern Leadership and Community Engagement webpage.