Seasons Change and So Does Norris

While plans are well underway for a new university commons, Norris Center staff and administration have been busy making even more changes to accommodate all visitors.

In the past few months, Norris has seen these changes in the form of expansions, renovations, and new room set-ups.

Most recently, the Norris opened its second all gender restroom on the third floor next to the women’s restroom. The first all gender restroom was opened earlier in November on the second floor between the Louis Room and the Arch Room.

Starbucks Lounge also has received its fair share of changes, which now allow students to get more views of the lake. The Starbucks Lounge was expanded and has new furniture. A small meeting room has also been added next to the lounge. This new set-up is overall meant to offer students more collaborative experiences. Next to the lounge, the Big Ten Room received a renovation as well. With the current Kresge renovation project going on, Norris converted the Big Ten Room to a 40-seat classroom. Classes are already meeting there this quarter.

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center received an expansion and renovation. The center now has new carpet, paint, and furniture. A reception and dinner to showcase the changes will be held February 13.

On the ground level, the food court now has speakers to add to the atmosphere. Norris and Northwestern Dining also recently extended the hours for International Dish as a dinner option.

Meetings in Norris are much more comfortable, too. Norris received over 1,000 new meeting rooms chairs in January that are lighter, easier to store, and, most importantly, very comfy. With the everyday feedback from students, Norris administration has been able to make these changes to meet student needs.

While changes have been made, Norris is staying true to its winter tradition. The Norris Ice Rink is back and will be open through mid-February for students, faculty, staff, and guests of the university community.